Smarter Process.

We don’t just design and manufacture great shoes; we’re building
a stronger foundation for a vertically-integrated organization.

Jennie Kiang – Founder & CEO

Our Design Expertise

Trends & Culture

We’re able to tap into the creative minds of the experts in the footwear world and build out our collections based on this cultural expertise.

We’ve changed our way of thinking to customer-mindset-thinking. By understanding the needs of their lifestyles, we can design better, more affordable, sustainable products for them.

Technical Design

We are putting a renewed focus on technical design expertise. We are establishing a creative studio in PDX where our team can share, and create inspiration from the global footwear design expertise that is part of the fabric of Portland.


With all the material suppliers and development partners who call Portland home, we’re able to leverage the best in the business to engineer healthier products and ideas at every level.

Technical Commercialization

Forecasting & Analysis Expertise

We have a smart, dedicated team that puts a strong emphasis on our operating procedures based on forecasted trends and data analysis.

World Class Technical Engineering

Expert, unwavering quality control is the name of our game and will always be part of our winning strategy.

Data Driven + Intuitive Retail Insights

Products that we develop are never born in a vacuum. They are always driven by a healthy combination of years of experience and current partnership data. We always have the end consumer in mind.

3PL Smart Warehousing

A Smarter Organization

We are rearranging our teams and spaces around the world to respond better to market needs in 3PL and Landed Warehousing. We are developing smarter ways to use our warehouse in Covina for DTC orders and smaller overflow orders for our large clients.

Our California Warehouse

We have space to house and manage: 

100,000 Square Feet for B2B

30,000 Square Feet for DTC

Global Manufacturing Diversity

Manufacturing Diversification – Led by a team that has extensive cultural and linguistic experience in China, Vietnam, & the Dominican Republic. We have manufacturing expertise to suit our partners all across the globe.

Creating Our Own Brands

HYI Brands

In addition to our expertise in private label brand building, we’re practicing what we preach by creating our own DTC brands with expertise in the e-Comm platform giant – Shopify.

Trends & Cultural Relevance

We’re committed to being on the right culture curve to create products that generations today want, need, and deserve.

Sustainability & Responsibility

These are simply more important to younger audiences and future generations. We’re committed to a better tomorrow through less wasted product, smarter materials, and better SOPs for manufacturing and shipping.

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