Create. Process.

We like to think of ourselves as more than a footwear engineering team. Instead, we are a partner throughout the entire product design, engineering, and supply chain process.

Steve Hamel – VP Global Operations

We blend expert engineering with
creative design thinking

We’re positioning ourselves as a process-first organization working across Logistics, Product Design, Consumer Trends, Private Label Brand Development, and Manufacturing. 

We don’t just design and manufacture great shoes; we’re building a stronger foundation for a vertically-integrated organization.

Our Expertise


We help build strength in private label brands. Over the last 2 years, we’ve built our own brand marketing expertise to bring our own Direct-to-Consumer brands to market.

Manufacturing Experts

Over 25+ years of global manufacturing experience has afforded us the best possible relationships with our facilities anywhere in the world.

Supply Chain

We’ve built a logistics center to serve large and small retail businesses while creating our own D-T-C House of Brands.

How we make it happen...


Putting People First

People make a brand, and we’re a fresh team of culturally-relevant, globally-minded experts in footwear sales, operations, and design.


Fresh Design Thinking

We are creating a design lab in PDX. A space where our team can share, and create inspiration from the global footwear design expertise that is part of the fabric of Portland.


A Brand New Narrative

HYI is taking a more optimistic tone, and reinforcing our thinking to be customer-first across all of our owned and private label brands.


A Smarter Organization

We are rearranging our teams and spaces around the world to respond better to market needs in 3PL and Landed Warehousing.

Our Female Led Business Story

We’ve always been dedicated to continuous improvement. Our CEO, Jennie Kiang, will never waiver from this because it’s simply good for business.

Jennie has led us from the start and has recently had HYI certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise Council or America.

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